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Apideck Ecosystem helps showcase integrations for partnership and product marketing teams. Find out below how Apideck compares as a Pandium alternative.



Starts at $99/month-

Free trial

Time to market

2 to 10 days ⚡️

Product catalog


Custom HTML

Custom CSS

Flexible templating engine

Unified APIs


Categories & Collections

Voting Portal

Publish any type of integration


Partner Portal

Automated landing pages

Lead capture


Integrated with Zapier

Search analytics

Weekly digest


Integrated with other IPaaS

Custom domain



Tailored for

Marketing Teams, CS Teams, Partnership Teams, and Product TeamsProduct Teams

Supported users


Data Residence

EU 🇪🇺, US 🇺🇸 (coming soon)US

SOC 2 Type 2

Slack support


Salesforce, HubSpot, Intercom, Google Analytics, Segment

Professional services


The operating system to build and showcase integrations

Embeddable building blocks, APIs, and products to grow your platform.

Apideck puts developers in control

Apideck Unify comes with comprehensive documentation, as well as an easy-to-use sandbox testing environment.
Our unified APIs play nicely alongside any existing integrations you already have in place today.

  • In-depth documentation
  • Sandbox testing
  • Real-time event logging
  • Developer friendly
  • Powerful SDKs
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// POST https://unify.apideck.com/crm/leads

  "id": "12345",
  "owner_id": "54321",
  "company_id": "2",
  "company_name": "Spacex",
  "name": "Elon Musk",
  "first_name": "Elon",
  "last_name": "Musk",
  "description": "A thinker",
  "prefix": "Sir",
  "title": "CEO",
  "status": "New",
  "monetary_amount": 75000,
  "currency": "USD",
  "fax": "+12129876543",
  "websites": [
      "id": "12345",
      "url": "http://example.com",
      "type": "default"
  "addresses": [
      "id": "123",
      "type": "invoicing",
      "name": "HQ US",
      "line1": "Main street",
      "line2": "apt #",
      "city": "San Francisco",
      "state": "CA",
      "postal_code": "94104",
      "country": "US",
      "latitude": "40.759211",
      "longitude": "-73.984638"
  "social_links": [
      "id": "12345",
      "url": "https://www.twitter.com/apideck-io",
      "type": "twitter"
  "phone_numbers": [
      "id": "12345",
      "number": "111-111-1111",
      "type": "default"
  "emails": [
      "id": "123",
      "email": "elon@musk.com",
      "type": "default"
  "custom_fields": [
      "id": "custom_technologies",
      "value": "Uses Salesforce and Marketo"
  "tags": [
  "updated_at": "2020-09-30T07:43:32.000Z",
  "created_at": "2020-09-30T07:43:32.000Z"
SDK support for the most popular frameworks and languages
  • Java SDK
  • Node SDK
  • Go SDK
  • JavaScript SDK
  • c# SDK

Integrate APIs 10-100x times faster

Apideck provides access to a single integration layer with a rapidly growing catalog of APIs, so you can focus on building your product.

Shorten integration delivery

The time-to-market for launching integrations improves exponentially the more integrations you activate.

Save development resources

Cut your implementation to a fraction of the development time and save valuable development resources.

Generate more revenue

Unlock blocked revenue by integration constraints and deliver quickly the integrations your leads need.

Scalable Pricing

Predictable pricing that scales with the amount of API calls. Requires no infrastructure to set up or manage.

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Faster time-to-market

Building integrations & launching a marketplace should not take months. Use Apideck and launch 10 times faster.

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Save development resources

Cut your implementation to a fraction of the development time and save valuable development resources.

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Increase revenue

Unlock new revenue streams by reselling third-party software licenses & increase channel sales.

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