How IT asset management platform Setyl leverages HRIS integrations for better onboarding

Setyl allows companies to track assets and software subscription renewals, improve onboarding and offboarding processes, analyze spend and stay compliant, in one comprehensive platform.

Products used

The Company

Setyl is a cloud-based IT management platform that integrates across your IT landscape. The platform allows companies to track assets and software subscription renewals, improve onboarding and offboarding processes, analyze spend and stay compliant, in one comprehensive platform.

Customers can track hardware across locations, departments, legal entities, and employees, in one centralized platform. Additionally Setyl allows companies to appoint administrators to manage vendors, allocate licenses to staff, survey staff to confirm license requirements, and get reminders when subscriptions are due to renew.

The Story

Setyl’s Founders came across the same problem in every business they had worked in: no one had an effective way to manage IT equipment and licenses. And the more they spoke to other people and organizations, the more widespread they realized the problem was.

With hardware and software tallying up to thousands of dollars per employee per year, combined with data security risks and operational inefficiencies, the impact of ineffective tracking on an organization’s bottom line is substantial.

Setyl was built to address these issues, by giving teams a dedicated, centralized IT management platform that’s easy to use by anyone in the organization.

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The Idea

When Setyl started rolling out its solution to the first customers, it became apparent that customers spent a lot of time adding all employees to the platform. Rather than relying on exports from the customer’s HRIS platform, the company decided to build an integration with the customer’s HR tool.

When polling which HRIS products their customers were using, Setyl quickly realized that building individual integrations with a multitude of products out there would prove too time-consuming, so the company set out to look for a solution that would cover them all.

The Solution

While looking for an integration platform that could provide connectivity with Bamboo and HiBob, the company found Apideck’s Unify solution online. There was however one popular platform, CharlieHR, that wasn’t supported at the time. After an introduction call, Apideck quickly committed to making CharlieHR available on its unified HRIS API next to the then 25 other HR tools available.

Once integrated with the HRIS platform, Setyl quickly realized that Apideck’s unified Accounting API could be a valuable source of information for software license purchase information - a critical datapoint in Setyl’s solution. The company got to work and rolled out a Netsuite integration for their first customers.

The Results

Setyl now provides 37 HRIS integrations and 3 Accounting integrations (with 8 more announced) to its customers. “With what was previously an average integration time of two to four weeks per integration, we saved over 12 months of development time and hundreds of thousands of pounds in development by using APIdeck”, says Christopher Batts, Setyl’s co-founder and CEO, “that’s not taking into account the opportunity cost of being able to build new product features instead.”

Apideck’s no-data storage policy allows the company to maintain compliance with the UK’s Data Protection Act. Additionally, Apideck’s European origin provides coverage for European HRIS tools often overlooked by US vendors.

“We’re really happy with the level of support and communication from the APIdeck team. They’ve been fantastic throughout and we love seeing them continue to build out their offering while listening to their customers. I highly recommend them whenever I get the chance.”

Christopher BattsCEO

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