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No more integration pains

A smarter way to build SaaS integrations. Launch the integrations your customers need in record time.

SDK support for the most popular frameworks and languages
  • Java SDK
  • Node SDK
  • Go SDK
  • JavaScript SDK
  • c# SDK

Build integrations 10-100x faster

Apideck Unify provides access to a single integration layer with a rapidly growing ecosystem of APIs, so you can focus on building your product.

A new way of building integrations

Integrations in hours – not weeks. Simplify integration development by using normalized APIs with the most popular software categories like CRM, marketing automation, email marketing, accounting, and more.


Traditional Integration Development

Building APIs on a one-to-one basis can be a challenge. A lack of standardized APIs makes it difficult to scale your integration strategy. Maintaining them can even be a bigger challenge.

  • Juggle with different API styles
  • Fragmented taxonomy
  • Limited amount of documentation
  • Different auth strategies
Solution with Apideck Unify
Solution with Apideck Unify

The Apideck Unify approach

Use our production-ready unified APIs to bring your integrations to market. The Apideck Unify technology maps the most complex APIs to a common data model, to speed up integration.

  • Data normalisation & field-level extensions
  • Consistent developer experience
  • API Augmentation & smart endpoints
  • Open-source and extendible
  • Fast-growing ecosystem

Unify puts developers in control

Unify comes with comprehensive documentation, as well as an easy-to-use sandbox testing environment.
Our unified APIs play nicely alongside any existing integrations you already have in place today.

  • Java SDK
  • Node SDK
  • Go SDK
  • JavaScript SDK
  • c# SDK
  • In-depth documentation
  • Sandbox testing
  • Real-time event logging
  • Developer friendly
  • Powerful SDKs
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// POST https://unify.apideck.com/leads

  "name": "Elon Musk",
  "prefix": "Duke",
  "email": "elon@spacex.com",
  "title": "CEO",
  "phone_number": "+444 111 222 333",
  "website": "https://www.spacex.com",
  "company_name": "SpaceX",
  "status": "open",
  "lead_source": "website",
  "note": "Eager to buy more rockets.",
  "address": {
    "line1": "Main street",
    "city": "San Francisco",
    "line2": "Bus 100",
    "state": "CA",
    "postal_code": "94104",
    "country": "US"
  "custom_fields": [
      "id": "string",
      "value": "string"
  "tags": [
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