Unified GraphQL API

Pull and push data to any connector through our GraphQL API

One single API

Use our GraphQL API and enjoy normalized data across all connectors.

GraphQL schemas and types

Ready-to-use schemas and types to integrate CRM data.

Normalized data

Integrate CRM data at record speed through universal data models.

Filtering & Mutations

Query, filter and mutate CRM data using our powerful operators and DSL.

Sorting & Pagination

A pagination engine takes care of the heavy lifting.

Prevent over fetching

Only fetch the data you need to provide the best user experience.


Log every API call. Gain full observability across all queries and mutations.

Get started with the GraphQL Playground

Try out the prepared queries and experience the magic of integrating data across Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, Pipedrive, and many other connectors.

GraphQL Playground
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